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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who do you work with? Will you work with me if I do not have a lot of money to invest?

People often tell us they would like to work with a financial planner but they don’t feel they have enough money to invest or don’t earn enough to afford one. Our business model allows us the opportunity to work with everyone: from young families and professionals laying the foundation for their careers, to entrepreneurs launching the companies they’ve dreamed about for years, to retirees hoping to get the most from their money as they spend time with their grandchildren and travel the world.

We will do our best to help anyone who wants our help!

What are your fees?

A common question is... are you commission based or fee based?

Financial services may be divided into two categories:

  • Commissionable Accounts: Investment products offered through a broker-dealer
  • Advisory Accounts: Financial planning and asset management offered through a Registered Investment Adviser (also known as "Fee based”).

It is important you carefully consider the differences between a commissionable and an advisory relationship when working with your financial professional. These differences include the scope of services provided, costs, and applicable laws and regulations.


We are dual licensed and can work with you on any combination of Advisory based or commission based products and services; we will share the pros and cons of both approaches and you can decide which (or what combination) is in your best interests

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Call or email to set up a complimentary face-to face-meeting. We will get to know each other and you can determine if we’re the right firm for you. You will never be pressured to make any commitment. If we all agree there is a fit, we will move forward. If not, the only thing you’ve risked is an hour of your time and perhaps some good questions to ponder.

We offer a fresh approach to financial services, and hope you’ll agree. You can reach us at 407.359.2615. Let’s chat.

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